Wild Grasses of Jogashima Island
Wild Grasses of Jogashima Island

Coastal Cave

Wind-Shaped Foliage
The sea stack (left) has varying shades of dark gray and black thus columnar joints indicating magma that flowed directly into the sea and cooled rapidly.

Coastal Cliffs and Sea Stack

Following along one of several paths at the Jogasaki Geo Park (Jogasaki Coast, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) revealed this view of a rocky beach far below the coastal cliffs.

Jogasaki Coast Beach

View of the waves crashing agains the steep cliffs along the Cape Jogasaki coastline (Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan). The cliffs were formed by a large lava  flow that reached the ocean.

Coastal Sea Cliffs

View of an outcrop of Cape Manazuru looking northeast in the direction of Tokyo from a small trail that leads from the Mitsuichi Rocks towards the Gandara-Manazuru Seaside Camping Ground, which lies on the water’s edge.

Forested Outcrop of Cape

Isshiki Beach at low tide creates great opportunities for long-exposure photography as the waves slowly recede back into the ocean leaving behind trails of foam and water.

Water Trails 

The view from Koisonohana headland at the southern end of Isshiki Beach can be breathtaking if you are able to visit early enough in the morning during colder months when the air is dry with lest haze to obscure the view across Sagami Bay.

Mt. Fuji 

As the sun rises higher in the morning sky, the dark blue sea  slowly changes into a translucent ribbon ranging from a misty teal to an Aruba blue and the dark sand on Isshiki Beach transforms into a shade of rusty spice.

Lonely Stones & Blue Ribbons 

Light from the setting sun shining on the upper portion of Mt. Fuji as the sun slowly dips below the horizon.

Sunset Light

Driftwood on the shore of Miho-no-Matsubara Beach in Shizuoka Prefecture with Mt. Fuji off in the distance (43.56 km/27.06 mi north-north-east).

Driftwood on Beach

Maybe this stump was once part of a fence to keep beachgoers safe, or maybe it held up a sign to keep folks away.

Stump on Breakwater

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